The Winning App!

The winner of our App Challenge, Kloudview, is an amazing discovery engine that finds services your company uses (using your email receipts) and puts it all together in one place - so you can easily view all your expenses at a glance. You can also compare your spending with your competitors. I had a chance to catch up with Rob Austen, one of the founders of Kloudview,  in between his flights to California. He was in route to confer with our CEO, Matt Blumberg and the Return Path Product … [Read more...]

Public Voting is NOW OPEN

The submission period for the Context.IO App Challenge ended last week and we were blown away by the numbers - 55 total projects!  Wow.  The first thing we did was get together as a team, lock ourselves in a room and watch all of the submission videos. We had a lot of fun seeing what you built and hope you had fun building on our API! We're so impressed with the range of ideas, quality of work and general awesomeness of all the projects. Public voting will be open until Sept 17th - we want to … [Read more...]

Volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank

Recently the Context.IO team volunteered at the Capital Area Food Bank here in Austin. It’s our way of giving back to the city we love so much and it’s a great way to take a break from our daily responsibilities while checking expiration dates, cleaning cans, and filling boxes to go out to the community. Hi, I’m Ally - the office manager here at Return Path Austin and I organize these events. I’m always wearing a few hats, (as is typical in the startup world) and this quarter I’m particularly … [Read more...]

Adding a user with Context.IO

Context.IO is a powerful tool for building apps on top of email. One of the first things you'll need to do is add your users to the API, so you can access their email data with your app. If, during the course of this guide, you feel stuck or have any questions please reach out to us! We’re here to make sure you love using our API! Shoot us an email at with any questions. Setup your Context.IO account Before we start we’re going to need to get all of our credentials … [Read more...]

Email Data and Hardware? A Hack using Philips Hue Lights and Context.IO

Projects using hardware are rarely at the top of the list when developers are thinking about using email data and Context.IO. As more progress is made with smart gadgets, smart homes and the internet of things in general,  I think we’ll certainly see an uptick in hardware that integrates and takes advantage of email data. Think about it - email remains relevant because it is so deeply integrated into people’s lives. That’s why we see so many developers working on altering and improving the … [Read more...]

Busy Weekend with PennApps and Microsoft Ventures

MLK weekend may have been a relaxing three day weekend for you, but our Developer Evangelist was on a non-stop trip to mentor student hackers and aspiring entrepreneurs. Stop 1: PennApps Winter 2015! This is our second time at PennApps and they really know how to step it up. The organizers did a fantastic job and we were among some awesome and innovative companies like ThalmicLabs,  Point.IO, Postmates, and Mashery. There were over 1,300 hackers this time from all around the world. Check out … [Read more...]

Defrag 2014

Context.IO was a proud sponsor of the Defrag Conference, which was held November, 18-19th in chilly Broomfield, Colorado. Defrag focuses on internet-based tools that transform information into layers of knowledge. The conference motto is "accelerate the "aha” moment" and that's exactly what it does. The two days were packed with presentations that explored the frontiers of technology in a variety of arenas like business, government, education, and healthcare. There were in depth and … [Read more...]

The Amazing AirHelp App

AirHelp has developed one of the most unique and intelligent uses of email that I’ve seen in a while. I love the power they give consumers and I think you will too. So...what exactly does AirHelp do? Before we review their incredible solution, let’s describe the problem, because we've all been there. You're at the airport when your flight is delayed, overbooked, or even cancelled. Most people don't know that they are eligible for compensation when airlines cancel or delay flights. In fact, 26 … [Read more...]

Inbox Love Conference

Context.IO and Return Path were proud to again sponsor the Inbox Love conference held on October 29th in Mountain View, CA. It was a packed house filled with designers, developers, product managers, startups, and angel investors. The first session of the day was “It Ain’t Just IMAP: Building on Top of Email in 2014”, a panel discussion moderated by Jared Goralnick from AwayFind. The panel featured representatives from the Google, Microsoft, and Tony Blank, Developer Evangelist for Context.IO. … [Read more...]

HackTX Winners: Best Context.IO Integration

HackTX is an annual 24-hour university hackathon located deep in the heart of Texas. It has been student run on The University of Texas at Austin campus over the past two years, and Context.IO has been proud to sponsor the event each year. Almost 700 students on over 100 different teams competed for the top spots in the competition. A number of teams integrated Context.IO into their projects, and it wasn’t easy deciding which was most deserving of our prize for the best Context.IO … [Read more...]