Follow Our Roadmap Progress!

by Dan Corbin on September 11, 2014

We value our developer partners and pride ourselves on providing the best support possible. We work hard to quickly resolve any issues that may arise and offer advice on how to best utilize the API. We listen closely when you ask for new features that will make your app even more amazing.

Providing the best developer experience possible means keeping you informed of what features we’re building, what’s on our roadmap, and known issues that might affect your application. To help you keep up to date we’ve created the Context.IO Development board.

Context.IO Development board

The Context.IO team actively participates on this board and uses it to communicate its development priorities.

The board consists of four different lists. In each list there are cards where you can leave comments and feedback. The cards also are color coded so you can easily visualize the work being done on the Lite API, 2.0 API, Features and Bug Fixes.

Check the Ideas list for features we may add to the roadmap. If you like a feature, add your vote, or leave a comment. You can also submit a feature request by contacting

Known Issues
These are things, usually bugs, we know about but haven’t had time to move into the schedule. Once we start the coding we’ll move the item to the In Progress column.

In Progress
The Context.IO team is actively working on cards in this list. We might be at the white boarding stage but it’s part of our current workload and we’re working towards completion as soon as possible.

When new features go live, they will be here. At least a few previous Live lists will remain to show what things went out a while back.

Comments? Ideas?

Feel free to leave a comment on the main Info card. If you would like a response, drop us a line at

We hope you find the Context.IO Development board a helpful way to stay informed of changes in the API. Please leave comments, send us your feedback, and let us know all of your feature requests. We love hearing from you and answering any questions you have about Context.IO!


BattleHack Boston

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Last month Context.IO was a sponsor at BattleHack Boston 2014. It’s one of a series of global hackathon contests organized by PayPal. The competitors are tasked with solving a local problem by coding. A battle axe is awarded to the first prize winners along with admission to the world finals where competitors compete for a […]

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by Dan Corbin August 13, 2014

Accessing the inbox is tricky since each email provider operates differently. Not surprisingly this lack of uniformity can cause problems. One example is how the TEMP_DISABLED status is applied. If you’ve experienced it, you know it can be unpredictable and quite frustrating…but we’re here to help! What is TEMP_DISABLED? The TEMP_DISABLED status means the Context.IO […]

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Status, Alerts, and Transparency

by Dan Corbin August 6, 2014

“Sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing.” We disagree. A core value of Context.IO is being as transparent as possible. If we do the right thing and have no secrets with our partners, we’ll both know where we stand and together we can make great products. This core value can be seen in […]

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New Lite Features!

by Dan Corbin July 23, 2014

You asked and we listened! We’ve had a great response from those using Lite and we’re making updates based on your feedback. We introduced two new features and have more in the works. A very special thank you to companies such as Unified Inbox and OnePageCRM for their generous input. The feedback is critically important […]

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Google Announces Gmail API

by Dan Corbin July 8, 2014

Google has announced the beta of a Gmail API which makes them the first email provider to offer an API for users’ inboxes. As an email API pioneer, we are very excited about this new functionality from Google. It acknowledges something that we all know—email is a valuable development platform which developers like you work […]

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A conversation with

by Dan Corbin May 22, 2014

Tell us about What does it do? Seven years ago, Chris Keller founded when he realized that his own inbox was on overload and he was having trouble tracking prospects and clients for his own business development needs. He created a simple way to schedule tasks and reminders on any email client using […]

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Context.IO Lite Is Now Live!

by Dan Corbin May 5, 2014

We’ve ripped the beta label off and are happy to announce the full release of the Context.IO Lite API! You now have another fast and easy way to add e-mail data directly into your application. Our new REST API offers reliability, stability, and speed. We gathered great feedback during the beta period and are lining […]

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Reset your password on Context.IO

by Dan Corbin April 28, 2014

You may have heard of a serious security issue affecting many websites and services known as Heartbleed that could potentially allow attackers to access passwords, usernames, and other account information. Our engineers took immediate action to secure Context.IO’s infrastructure. We’ve replaced affected SSL certificates, and all external services have been patched. As a general precaution, […]

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Announcing Context.IO Lite API (beta)

by Marii Thompson March 10, 2014

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of the Context.IO Lite API! This started as a small project to improve the performance of webhooks, but quickly grew as we recognized the performance and potential uses for Lite. Our goal for this release is to gather performance data and feedback from early adopters. This […]

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