New Lite Features!

by Dan Corbin on July 23, 2014

You asked and we listened!

We’ve had a great response from those using Lite and we’re making updates based on your feedback. We introduced two new features and have more in the works. A very special thank you to companies such as Unified Inbox and OnePageCRM for their generous input. The feedback is critically important as we continue to expand Lite functionality.

The first new feature is the attachments endpoint for messages. Having access to files from the Inbox opens up a variety of use cases for your application, which is why we deployed this new feature first.

The attachments List method (GET) allows you to pull a listing of files from an email. The response object includes such data as size, type, and file_name. It works similarly to the files endpoint in 2.0. You can also pull specific files from an email using the instance method (GET). The result of this call is the file itself.

The second new feature is the read endpoint. It has a very straightforward functionality; it marks messages as either read or unread. This is accomplished by using the POST and DELETE methods. This is a basic but very useful endpoint for developers building on top of email data.

Have any questions on these new endpoints or would like to request other new features for Lite? Please email me at and share your thoughts. We welcome all of your comments, questions, and suggestions. Based on our conversations with you, we’ll continue to add new features to Lite as well as 2.0.


Google Announces Gmail API

by Dan Corbin July 8, 2014

Google has announced the beta of a Gmail API which makes them the first email provider to offer an API for users’ inboxes. As an email API pioneer, we are very excited about this new functionality from Google. It acknowledges something that we all know—email is a valuable development platform which developers like you work […]

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A conversation with

by Dan Corbin May 22, 2014

Tell us about What does it do? Seven years ago, Chris Keller founded when he realized that his own inbox was on overload and he was having trouble tracking prospects and clients for his own business development needs. He created a simple way to schedule tasks and reminders on any email client using […]

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Context.IO Lite Is Now Live!

by Dan Corbin May 5, 2014

We’ve ripped the beta label off and are happy to announce the full release of the Context.IO Lite API! You now have another fast and easy way to add e-mail data directly into your application. Our new REST API offers reliability, stability, and speed. We gathered great feedback during the beta period and are lining […]

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Reset your password on Context.IO

by Dan Corbin April 28, 2014

You may have heard of a serious security issue affecting many websites and services known as Heartbleed that could potentially allow attackers to access passwords, usernames, and other account information. Our engineers took immediate action to secure Context.IO’s infrastructure. We’ve replaced affected SSL certificates, and all external services have been patched. As a general precaution, […]

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Announcing Context.IO Lite API (beta)

by Marii Thompson March 10, 2014

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of the Context.IO Lite API! This started as a small project to improve the performance of webhooks, but quickly grew as we recognized the performance and potential uses for Lite. Our goal for this release is to gather performance data and feedback from early adopters. This […]

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Rate Limit Exceeded

by Ben Hamill February 6, 2014

We recently shipped a change to improve the way we communicate about rate limits when a developer hits one. Previously, we responded with a 503 (“Service Unavailable”), intending to indicate that, because the limit had been hit, the server was unavailable. We’ve come to think that this wasn’t terribly clear of us. Starting today, we’re […]

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2013-12-06 Service Outage

by Marii Thompson December 11, 2013

Hi, my name is Marii. I lead the Engineering team here at Context.IO and I hate for my first post to be about an outage, but I am glad to work with such a talented team of engineers who quickly responded to the issue. On Friday, Context.IO suffered a major service interruption. I am deeply […]

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Thinking About HAL Clients

by Ben Hamill November 6, 2013

More and more, at work, we’re talking about service oriented architectures. Mostly, these are very small apps that deal with just a few concerns. Since we foresee having lots and lots of these little mini-services, we decided we’d need to make some decisions up front about how they’re inter-operate. This is sort of in the […]

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Context.IO @ Compute Midwest

by Tony Blank October 29, 2013

Compute Midwest is a 2-day event in Kansas City. It consists of a 1-day conference in the beautiful Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. The conference featured innovative talks from industry leaders such as Chris Kemp (Founder, Nebula – Co-Founder, OpenStack – Former CTO, NASA), Alexis Ohanian (co-founder, Reddit – Author, Without Their Permission), Ariel Garten […]

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