Announcing Context.IO – the Missing Email API

We promised you big news this week, and we aim to please. We’re excited to announce a new name for our awesome email API: Context.IO!

Context.IO is the API that was developed to power the DokDok attachment management application. We could have just kept calling it the “DokDok API”, but since it does so much more than attachment management, we felt it needed its own name. We’ve also given it its own home at

Are you a developer? Go to Context.IO now and request early API access.

Here’s how Context.IO will help you build amazing things:

Context.IO is an email API that opens up instant access to years of important data: conversations, business information, attachments, etc with one simple HTTP call. Our API allows you to build apps that leverage this data in a way that wasn’t previously possible without a series of complex sequences of IMAP requests.

Current apps built or in production on Context.IO include an email/CRM integration, document management and productivity tools (calendars, to-do lists, etc.).

How is this better than existing email integration options?
Up to now, “email integration” in CRM or productivity apps meant adding an obscure BCC on outgoing emails and forwarding incoming emails; a manual, repetitive and error-prone process. Context.IO enables immediate, complete and rich email integration in collaboration and productivity apps. End-users get instant gratification, your apps get increased adoption and retention.

We know you have some creative ideas of how you can leverage rich email data. We’d love to show off your app at Under the Radar in Mountain View at the end of April, so build something before then and we just might!

Any questions about Context.IO? Feedback? Disses? Praise? Join us at our shiny new UserVoice forum at:

We can’t wait to see what you’ll build!

Happy coding!