Top 5 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Let you Come to #HackEmail on July 13th

We recently announced our #HackEmail hackathon happening in tandem with the launch of the Startup Festival… it’s almost 3 weeks away now, and we’re excited!

Yup, we know it’s on a Wednesday, but we think there are lots of reasons you should be released of your usual 9-5 weekday obligations to spend a day hacking with us. Print this out and put it on your boss’s desk. We’re sure she’ll see the light.

1 – You can build something that will increase productivity, and the bottom line, where you work

We all know email is the heart and soul of communication in any business, but it’s also a source of incredible frustration for many. With APIs available from Xobni, Litmus, CakeMail and Context.IO, you’ll be able to build something cool that can help streamline processes at your company. Take a look at our Highrise Integration built at HackMtl last December for inspiration.

2- Test  and challenge your hacking skills

You’re probably used to coding in the same frameworks and handling similar projects on a daily basis. Spending a day  working on a brand new project and pumping out something cool in a day will make you a better programmer and energize your efforts when you get back to the office on Thursday.

3 – You’ll meet other hackers and exchange knowledge

Working with a new team will expose you to programming languages you’re not used to, different ways of looking at your coding challenges and a new set of people to talk shop with. You may even make a few friends along the way. :)

4 – You might win a pass to Startup Fest!

If you plan on attending, you should definitely tweet about #hackemail as much as you can! We’ll be doing a random drawing from all event-related tweets using the #hackemail hashtag. If your name is drawn and you’re physically present at the hackathon, you’ll win an all-access pass to Startup Fest. The kickoff party starts right after the hackathon, so you can turn your day of hacking into a night of partying with some of the most important people in the startup world!

5- Pizza. Redbull. Cupcakes. Refreshments. Prizes. OK, so that might not convince your boss, but it sure is fun, isn’t it?

You can be sure that on top of building kickass apps that leverage email, the event will be super fun. There will be all manner of sustenance to keep you going, entertaining volunteers to keep you motivated, amazing judges and prizes (to be announced shortly)… and you know @SarahJaneMorris will be spinning some sweet tunes in our dedicated #hackemail room at!

Does you boss need anymore convincing? How about this. Any company that releases its programmers from their typical daily duties on July 13th will be mentioned in our tweets and personally thanked as sponsors in our promotions leading up to the event. Saying no to free PR makes kittens sad.