Tweet to Win an All-Access Pass to Startup Fest!

Hackers/hacker lovers/startup enthusiasts,

So, you want to attend the International Startup Festival in July. We don’t blame you… it’s going to be the bomb diggity! Only problem is, you’re on a budget, so it’s not looking like an option. Well, because you are loved by us here at Context.IO and by our delicious friends at CakeMail, it just became an option. All you have to do is tweet… and come to our hackathon šŸ˜‰ Here’s the deal:

First, follow us @ContextIO, then tweet whatever you like about our hackathon on July 13th, but be sure to include the eventbrite link ( and official hashtag:Ā #hackemail. All tweets from our followers posted from now until July 12th at 8 PM will be entered.

To be eligible to win, you have to be registered for and physically present at our hackathon. We’ll do a random draw from all entries once we’ve wrapped up judging on July 13th (around 5:30/6 PM). If you’re there, you win!

Hack your Email and the Startup Fest are gonna be HOT! Get to tweeting and be a part of an amazing few days in Montreal!