Mashup the Zappos/Context.IO APIs and Win!

As friends of the Zappos API, we’re throwing their developers a little love by encouraging them to mashup email data with Zappos data goodness.

Zappos has just announced a week-long Hackathon in time for the holidays. Here are all the details:

Zappos is already awarding the best Zappos API/outside API mashup a $100 Zappos gift card, and we’ll throw in 3 months free Pro access AND a stylin’ Context.IO tee for the best Zappos/Context.IO mashup.

Wondering what you can build? Use Context.IO to pull Zappos receipts into your app! Or make a cool visualization of Zappos purchases based on your users’ mailbox data! The possiblities are endless.

This contest ends Friday at 5 PM PST so it’s time to put the pedal to the metal!

Can’t wait to see what you’ll build! Feel free to email with any questions.