The LSRC Hackathon is a Wrap! Thanks Austin!

We came, we saw, we hacked overnight – not only that, but we were welcomed with open arms by Austin’s incredible tech and startup scene, who made it incredibly easy to be a Montreal company organizing and  hosting an event in a city some of us (me!) had never been to.  Some seriously impressive hacks were built overnight from Saturday August 11th to Sunday August 12th! Here’s a breakdown of the awesome winning hacks, along with a few of our own honourable mentions.

2nd PlaceNotifHack, created by OtherInbox‘s Ben Hamill and Bob Potter, combined Twilio and Context.IO to create a nifty tool that allows users to setup rules to filter email push notifications to your phone. Looks like these two will enjoy shared custody of a sweet Apple Thunderbolt display!

1st place – the big winner of the weekend was Jesse Lovelace, who created Engaging in some risky business? is a digital deadman switch or insurance policy that triggers calls, emails, or texts of important files, photos and/or data (as defined by the user). combined Twilio, Sendgrid and Context.IO. Jesse also managed to not only get a functional hack in place that leveraged 3 of the 4 participating APIs, but he was able to create a simple website and present his hack with flair. Not bad for 15 hours on no sleep!

Many thanks to our awesome local judges Mickey Ristroph, Jon Loyens and Joe Boutros. They didn’t have an easy task, and they did an awesome job!

 Not everyone could be a big winner, but there were a few standouts that we were pretty excited about. One of these was Remail.IO, a service that solves the problem of redundant scheduled emails. Ever scheduled an email only to be in contact with its recipient before the scheduled email goes out, rendering the scheduled email invalid? Kind of embarrassing when that email goes out anyways because you forgot to remove it from the queue. Remail.IO uses SendGrid to send out emails, and Context.IO to know when you’ve replied to a scheduled contact and takes them out of the scheduling queue. Embarrassment avoided! We know that Taylor Brooks was one of the creators of Remail.IO (thanks twitter!), but unfortunately we didn’t catch your teammate’s name! Let us know what it is so we can send you some t-shirts!

We also liked Reply Analytics, which used Context.IO to create a slick interactive dashboard of personal analytics for your email habits. If you’ve ever wondered what your average response time is for email, when you send most of your email and more, this hack will show you. Did you create Reply Analytics? We didn’t catch your name and we want to send you a t-shirt!

It was awesome to see Brandon West from Sendgrid again and meet Keith Casey from Twilio and Chris Lamprecht from Searchify. So glad you could join us!

Thanks again go out to Josh Baer, Veronica and Allyson at OtherInbox and Sarah and Matt at Capital Factory. We couldn’t have done this without you!

Thanks everyone who participated for making us start counting down the days to our next Austin event! We can’t wait to come back!


  1. Taylor Brooks says

    Thanks for the mention Sarah-Jane, we had a blast!

    We’re actually planning on developing further and of course deeper integration with We’ll keep you in the loop!

    Btw, Nathaniel Jones (@thenthj) was my teammate’s name.