Inbox Love Hacks Recap!

One week ago today we announced that we’ve joined Return Path! In all the celebration and excitement, we didn’t have a chance to post a recap of the awesome Inbox Love Hacks event we hosted in SF on October 20th. So without further ado, here’s what went down at the first ever email-themed hackathon!

My awesome co-hosts, Adria from SendGrid and Jeremiah from and I were greeted bright and early Saturday morning by the lovely Amber at PARISOMA. Coffee and breakfast, followed by sleepy hackers, followed in short order. Our turnout was a diverse mix of product people, designers, and polyglot hackers that had one thing in common: they got email, and wanted to build something exciting on it. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew!

Once the API demos were done, ideas were pitched and teams were formed. They didn’t have too long to get a minimum viable product together (one of the judging criteria), so everyone got down to business and hacked right through lunch. Once our judges showed up later in the afternoon, everyone knew demo time was getting close and the mad sprint to the finish line kept the room pretty quiet for an hour or so!

In the end, we had two awesome teams that took away prizes. We selected the team behind Kaleidobox for the best use of the Context.IO API. Thatcher, Margaret , Moon and Zac built a beautiful, intuitive app that allowed users to visualize, search for and interact with attachments easily. Congrats, team!

The big winner of the day was FileSquirrel. They created a very cool mobile app that used Context.IO and Sendgrid to share attachments on your mobile phone. Congrats to TonyPavelThomas and Lucas! FileSquirrel won $500 for the best use of SendGrid as well as the chance to demo their hack on stage at Inbox Love in Mountain View. We saw them rock it on stage…  and when the audience started asking about pricing, we knew they’d hit on something with potential. Not bad for an app that was built in less than 7 hours!

We can’t wait for Inbox Love Hacks 2! Until next year! Thanks again to our judges Jared GoralnickErik EcclesJonathan Bruck and Sachin Rekhi, and to our fellow APIs, SendGrid and!