API Hackday Fun!

Context.IO was at API Hackday at Parisoma this past weekend. There were 20 teams that hacked for just over 8 hours and built some amazing apps, despite the limited time.


Five teams ended up using Context.IO with one of those five winning our prize of an AppleTV and $100 to the iTunes store.

  • Jarvis: An email interface to GIT
  • HackMyEmail: An email prioritizer that has a plugin framework that can be extended
  • MailRecipe: Email client that answers certain emails automatically
  • Smails: SMS-based email reader for feature phones in developing countries

The winning hack was called “LivingLeast.” This innovative app makes saving money fun and easy using social features and gamification. The team used Context.IO to automatically update the app using email data! It’s great to see apps leveraging all the data and information that lives in the inbox. Congrats team LivingLeast and enjoy your prizes!